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Everything that came in the April "Cozy by the Campfire" box: a candle, a toque, a ceramic mug, dark hot chocolate bomb, dark hot chocolate spoon and dark chocolate sunflowers, glampers fire starters, drink recipe, magnets and stickers.
The Glamping Essentials ceramic coffee mug in white with "This is my camping/cottage mug" in green font above a forest of green trees.  In front of the mug is a dark hot chocolate bomb with a dark chocolate mixing spoon.
Canada Knitwear two-layered toque in forest green.  So cozy!
Our Glamper's Fire Starters.  Made of soy wax and pine shavings, there are two pictured here in front of their paper bag with instructions.
A pic of the "Campfire" scent soy wax candle in glass jar by 1000 Islands Soap Company.
An example of the recipe card that comes with each glamping box.  This recipe is for 'Warm Maple Madness".  The recipe cards are laminated for longevity because you'll want to make these drinks again and again!

April Glamping Box (2022)

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Our first ever Glamping Essentials Box by Glamping Essentials!  This box was mailed on March 31, 2022, and contained everything you needed to be "cozy by the campfire" in the spring at the campsite or cottage.

The 12oz ceramic mug and two handmade, rich, dark hot chocolate bombs are a great start in making your own 'Warm Maple Madness' beverage.  Every Glamping Essentials Box comes with a recipe card for a drink fit for a Glamper, laminated so you can use it again and again.  Your first box will come with a ring to hold all your recipes together, and the cards are colour-coded so you can easily find what you're looking for.  Bright green is for warm beverages!    

The cozy, Canadian-made, two-layered beanie from Canada Knitwear will keep you warm while setting up the camp or opening up the cottage. 

Your campfire needs will be met whether you're ready for an outdoor fire, with our quick and easy fire starters, or inside using the hand-poured 'Campfire' candle.  'A Glamper's Fire Starter' can be purchase through Glamping Essentials.

Each box also comes with stickers or magnets and other surprises.  April's box had dark chocolate sunflowers, a Glamping Essentials "Where Glamour Meets Camping" bumper sticker and assorted stickers and magnets.

We thank all our contributors for their support including Cocoa Bistro1000 Island Soap Company and Canada Knitwear.  All Canadian, and all amazing!

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