Our August Glamping Box in its entirety! Info card, recipe card, Old Fashioned cocktail, solar lantern, s'mores kit, lavender room spray and pine & soy fire starters. Everything Canadian and everything perfect for a late-summer glamping adventure (camping OR cottage).
The outside packaged of our "Glamper's FIre Starters". The fire starter label includes instructions, and within are two fire starters. This was part of the August Glamping Essential's Box
A sample pic of two soy and pine fire starters. These were included in the August Glamping Essential's Box. Shown on the bottom of one first starter is the Glamping Essential's lantern.
Our s'mores kit from the August Glamping Essential's Box. Behind the white, wax paper, is a kit including delicious chocolate dipped graham crackers and hand-made marshmallows. This kit was included the August Glamping Essential's Box and is sure to be a hit!
Here's the solar lantern in action at a campsite. The lantern is glowing on a chopping block, lighting an ax. These mason-jar solar lanterns were included in the August Glamping Essential's Box.
A picture of the Glamping Essential's outdoor mason jar solar lantern. This lantern was included in the August Glamping Essential's Box.
A Glamping Essentials staple: Maiden Voyage Old Fashioned cocktail kit.  In this photo the mason jar sits outside, waiting to be mixed with your favourite spirit.
This is a spray bottle of Lavender Room & Linen spray from Loughborough Lavender. It was included in the August Glamping Essential's Box.

August Glamping Box (2022)

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Well look at that – it’s August already!  The days are becoming shorter (boo), the nights cooler (yay!) and the bugs are starting to take the hint (hooray!).  This Glamping Box celebrates all these good things about August and enjoying your evening at the campsite or cottage. 

Start a fire with Glamping Essential’s own Glamper’s Fire Starters.  They’re made of natural soy wax and pine shavings, so you’re safe to cook over the fire you start with them – which is the perfect way to enjoy your s’mores kit from Kingston’s own Cocoa Bistro.  Here’s a tip: if the chocolate got melty in the box, place the package in the fridge for a bit to firm the chocolate back up, then assemble, warm over the fire and enjoy these hand-made marshmallows.

Charge your solar lantern by removing the battery tag, switching to ‘on’ and placing in the sun.  This Glamping Essential will provide a warm glow to enjoy your Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co (Gananoque, ON) infused Old Fashioned Cocktail.  This time we’ve provided a few mixing ideas on this month’s recipe card.

And when you’re ready to call it a night, give your tent / trailer / bedroom a sprtiz of Loughborough Lavender’s (Harrowsmith, ON) Lavender Room & Linen Spray to cultivate a relaxing atmosphere. The benefits of lavender include anti-anxiety, sleep aid, mood enhancement, anti-bacterial properties, insect repellent, and helps relax the mind and body.