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A picture of the September Glamping Box in its entirety: maple praline almonds, water bottle, first aid kit pouch, 'Worry Less Wander More' ball cap in grey.  Plus a drink recipe and info card.
A Glamping Essentials original first aid pouch.  Shown here is the "First Aid" side with bold red printing indicating this, the reverse has the Glamping Essentials logo.  The pouch zips up to store all your hiking essentials.
Another Glamping Essential - the 'Worry Less Wander More' ball cap.  Printing is in purple, ball cap is grey.
Here is the Whitney water bottle from Chilly Moose with a faux wood finish.  Keeps your cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm while looking good.  Designed in Canada.
A bag of 'Laid Back Snacks' Maple Praline Almonds.  The perfect snack after a day of hiking.
The August Glamping Box recipe card for Gatoritas, a fresh take on a classic margarita perfect for the cottage or campsite.

September Glamping Box (2022)

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It's our favourite camping season – Autumn!  The best time of year to enjoy one of our favourite pastimes - Hiking. The trails are dry, the bugs are (mostly) gone, the weather has cooled and the leaves will soon crunch underfoot.  We encourage you to bring the items of your September Glamping Box outside and tackle your favourite hiking trail.

This month we have two handmade items from Glamping Essentials to keep you safe on your hikes: A Glamper’s First Aid Kit, ready for you to add all your must-have supplies: Bandaids? Sunscreen? Chapstick? Hand Sanitizer? And a Happy Glamper’s Worry Less Wander More ball cap for mess-free hiking hair! 

To keep you hydrated on your hikes we’ve included the Whitney water bottle from Chilly Moose in Schomberg, Ontario, which keeps cold drinks cold for 12+ hours and hot drinks hot for 8+ hours, and yes – we’ve tested this!  Plus Laid Back Snacks from Richmond, British Columbia, Maple Praline Almonds to keep you energized.  We love their motto of 80% fuel and 20% fun!

Finally, this month’s drink recipe brings the best of Gatorade + Margaritas = Gatoritas.  Replenish and relax with this hydration-focused, post-hike bevi.